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Palladio Doors supplied by Mark Antony Windows

Your front door is a very important focal point in your home. After all it’s the last item you use when you leave and the first when you return. So you need to be sure that your front door is doing its job for you and your family by providing you with warmth, strength and security. Palladio believe these are the 3 most important factors in deciding what type of product to use for your home.

The Palladio Door range now supplied by Mark Antony Windows, features the most up to date styles available today. Styles that cater to both modern and traditional tastes. The technology used to manufacture the door ensures that your product is future proofed and will give you many years of quality service.

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Palladio Doors feature all these qualities


Palladio Doors are made from a 1 piece monocoque construction and are virtually indestructible. All our decorative glazed panels are made from toughened safety glass for your peace of mind.


All palladio doors are double rebated. That means that you have to secure seals on the door that are guaranteed to keep out any wind or rain that the irish climate can nthrow at it. The solid part of the door leaf has been tested to achieve a u value of 0.205 and the combined u value of the triple glazed door is 0.98


As you will see from the video test on the door, the palladio door is extremely strong.In addition all doors feature an 8 point hook locking system with a dead latch. The locking system is pas 23/24 approved and secured by design approved.

Palladio Door Range   Palladio Door Range   Palladio Door Range  

Palladio Door Range   Palladio Door Range   Palladio Door Range  

Palladio Door Range   Palladio Door Range   Palladio Door Range  

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